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8068 Kit Tour Collection

Luke Anderson

13.39 MB


We just want to go over a few things briefly.

  1. These sounds require no DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to use. They can be loaded onto any device/software that will play WAV files.
  2. The purchase of this patch entitles you to use it on ONE computer at a time. You may not share this patch with anyone else. You cannot resale this patch in any form. You cannot resample this patch in any form/format.

    Más de Luke Anderson

    The Luke Anderson 8068 KitTour Collection features drum samples captured using what is considered the most sought after Neve console, the legendary 8068. Captured with vintage microphones and processed using the famous Class A 31102 preamps and EQ at David Huff’s studio,these are mix ready samples that will work in any genre of music.

      This pack features cymbals for the first time and samples of his main tour drum kit. The samples can be used with sound replacement plug ins, drum pads and any sequencer that handles wave files. 


    - 65+ kick, snare, tom and cymbal samples.
    - Cymbal samples for the first time including crashes, swells and hits at various velocities.
    - Snare samples with no dampening and moongel dampening.
    - Create unique tone combinations in your mixes or use them live.
    - Perfect for songwriters, snare sound reinforcement and studio mix engineers.

      DEMO 1 - Full Mix

        DEMO 2 - Drum Mix

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