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Formulario de solicitud del sujeto del GDPR

Each of the rights listed below and as provided for via the General Data Protection Act (GDPR) (including the UK GDPR) may be exercised by submitting this request electronically by email privacy@multitracks.com regarding personal information collected by MultiTracks.com LLC.

Datos del interesado

Con respecto a:

Descripción de la solicitud:

Please describe your request. To help you even more, we would like to know the reasons for your request. Specifically, if your request is to rectify your personal data, please provide a supplementary statement that addresses the way(s) in which your current personal data as MultiTracks.com LLC has it incomplete or otherwise incorrect. If your request is to restrict the processing of your personal data, explain whether (1) you are contesting the accuracy of your personal data and, if so, why; (2) you believe the processing is unlawful and, if so, why; (3) if you believe MultiTracks.com LLC no longer needs the personal data for processing; and/or (4) you are objecting due to your personal situation and, if so, explain that situation. If your request is to have MultiTracks.com LLC transfer your information, please provide us with the electronic location or other transfer information where we can transfer your personal data.

Forma preferida para la retroalimentación de la solicitud:

MultiTracks.com LLC reserves the right to refuse requests, in whole or in part, to the extent permitted by law, including due to an inability of MultiTracks.com LLC to verify your identity or verify your authority to act on behalf of the data subject who is the subject of the request. MultiTracks.com LLC also reserves the right not to fulfill a request because it is found to be manifestly unfounded or excessive. MultiTracks.com LLC may request clarification as to which processing activities a request relates to, e.g., direct marketing, in the event a request is made with respect to the whole range of personal data requests without specifying what use of personal information the request is directed at. MultiTracks.com LLC will use the information you provide through this form to respond to your request, including verifying identity, identifying personal information responsive to your request, and keeping records of your request.
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