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Hemos lanzado la Licencia de Streaming para Iglesias, una licencia moderna que ofrece una solución completa para las iglesias de hoy en día Conoce Más

Rehearse with your favorite musicians.

Isolate each instrument part in the original recording so you can learn your part faster.

Lideres de Alabanza

Hear your part more clearly.

  • Turn up or down any instrument part in the original recording
  • Click track and guide cues
  • Use on WorshipTogether.com, Planning Center, MultiTracks.com or ChartBuilder App

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Listen to every part of 16,000+ songs in all 12 keys and stream the original song – all for one affordable monthly price.

For Individuals
Solo Practice Bundle
RehearsalMix plus charts in our ChartBuilder app for one person.
  • Unlimited access to our entire catalog of songs and charts
  • Turn any instrument part in the original master up or down
  • Accurate and customizable charts available in all 12 keys
  • ChartBuilder iOS and Android app access for one person
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For Teams
Resource your entire worship team with rehearsal tracks.
  • Pricing built for teams
  • Team access to our entire catalog of RehearsalMix
  • Purchase and manage seats for any team size
  • Share setlists across ChartBuilder, Playback and our website

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