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Ultimate Shimmer Pad Collection

Peter James

88.81 MB


  1. Installing this patch requires a PC/Mac with Nord Sound Manager and USB cable to transfer sounds.
  2. The purchase of this patch entitles you to use it on ONE Nord keyboard at a time. You may not share this patch with anyone else. You cannot resale this patch in any form. You cannot resample this patch in any form/format.
  3. Turn knobs, change settings, combine sounds and Have fun!

    Más de Peter James

    This bundle includes uniquely designed Shimmer Pads created using OB6, Prophet 12 and other soundsources sampled through a variety of different hardware and software reverbs that have been used on countless Hillsong albums over the years!

    NOTE: This product is compatible with the following Nord keyboards: Stage 2, Stage 2 EX, Stage 3, Electro 5, Electro 6, Piano 3, Piano 4, Nord Grand.

      Analog Waves Rev

        Analog Waves Shim

          Analog Waves W

            Analog Waves

              Dark Ambient Organ Rev

                Dark Ambient Organ Shim

                  Dark Ambient Organ

                    Dark Ambient Organ W

                      Dark Jittery Organ Rev

                        Dark Jittery Organ W

                          Dark Jittery Organ Shim

                            Dark Jittery Organ

                              OB Bright Ambience Rev

                                OB Bright Ambience Shim

                                  OB Bright Ambience W

                                    OB Bright Ambience

                                      OB Pipe Organ Rev

                                        OB Pipe Organ Shim

                                          OB Pipe Organ W

                                            OB Strings Rev

                                              OB Pipe Organ

                                                OB Strings Shim

                                                  OB Strings W

                                                    OB Strings

                                                      OB Warm Sine Rev

                                                        OB Warm Sine Shim

                                                          OB Warm Sine W

                                                            OB Warm Sine

                                                              Prophet Voices Rev

                                                                Prophet Voices Shim

                                                                  Prophet Voices

                                                                    Prophet Voices W

                                                                    Volver Arriba