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Hemos lanzado la Licencia de Streaming para Iglesias, una licencia moderna que ofrece una solución completa para las iglesias de hoy en día Conoce Más


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The Cageless Birds is a collective of over 20 visual artists, songwriters, musicians, artisans and passionate lovers of Jesus. Led by Jonathan and Melissa Helser, the collective started out as a community running a discipleship school called The 18 Inch Journey in North Carolina. Cageless Birds was established by Jonathan and Melissa Helser in 2013 to generate income for the 18 Inch Journey.

The Cageless Birds’ newest single “Ain’t No Grave” by Molly Skaggs is featured on Bethel Music’s album VICTORY, released in January 2019. The collective’s first album Live At Home released in 2014 and features original compositions by each member of the collective, recorded live in Jonathan and Melissa Helser’s living room. Their second album, The Joy of the Chase, released in 2017 as an instrumental soundscape, created to explore the Father’s heart.
The Cageless Birds aspire to create out of wholeness and inspire the world into connection with God. The collective aims for the Gospel message to be carried through the excellence and beauty of their products.

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