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Hemos lanzado la Licencia de Streaming para Iglesias, una licencia moderna que ofrece una solución completa para las iglesias de hoy en díaConoce Más


At The Crossing, we’re serious about worship. We believe it’s what we were created for – to honor and glorify God. We’re passionate about encountering Jesus together. When we seek Him in worship amazing things can happen. He changes lives, heals hearts and unifies us in His Spirit and truth. One of the many ways we worship is through the universal bridge of music. It brings people together from all walks and stages of life. Whether you’re at one of our campuses, Crossing Online, a .TV location, Crossing Inside or listening to an album in your car, the avenue of music can truly bring us together. This is why it is such a key element of what we do at The Crossing. We write music to tell our story and to share our heart with God and with others. Our worship is our testimony, our anthem and our hearts desire.

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