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Jeremiah’s greatest passion is to see the church rise up as an army in worship to our king Jesus.

He grew up in the mountains of Montana in a musical family. By the time he was nine years old, his family launched out into full-time music ministry touring all over the country performing and sharing Jesus in churches, schools, and community centers until he was 17. During that time, they produced and released 6 full albums, one of which was his first solo album at age 13.

After jazz music education and producing records for other artists, he moved to Minneapolis and launched his professional music career playing bass, keys, vocals and leading worship for big churches in the area and touring with artists in the region.

After some years in Minneapolis, he moved back to his stomping grounds in Montana where he met and married his wife Hillary.

Through the loss of their first baby in the womb, to their move to Texas, to the birth of 5 beautiful healthy children, the joys/challenges of serving as a worship pastor their whole married life, and a continuous stream of professional producing, song-writing, recording, and touring all over the country, God has used their lives to shape this music.

Jeremiah is currently serving as a worship pastor near their home in San Antonio, Texas, and touring/writing/producing original music for the church.

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