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Hemos lanzado la Licencia de Streaming para Iglesias, una licencia moderna que ofrece una solución completa para las iglesias de hoy en díaConoce Más


Worship artists are at their best when invested in a local community of believers where the songs they write can be infused with the stories of the people that surround them. Stories of heartbreak and healing. Joy and depression. Sin and redemption. Crossings Venue Worship is anchored to the people and stories of Crossings Community Church. Worship leaders Josh Edington, Cole Grubbs, Jason White and Karlie Grubbs and a small army of church songwriters, both on staff and volunteer, write and lead songs on a
weekly basis at various locations in central Oklahoma. Creating songs that are authentic, inspiring and filled with the truth of the gospel is the heartbeat of Crossings Venue Worship as they aim to lead and inspire people to live by faith, be a voice of hope and be known by love.

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