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Blown Away Por Hillsong United

Blown Away

Hillsong United - Are We There Yet?

V1Verso 1
C1Coro 1
PCPost C
V2Verso 2
C2Coro 2
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C3Coro 3
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Verso 1

Oh troubled Messiah
You prayed through the night
Unbearable sorrow
The world on Your mind

Coro 1

Betrayed by the kiss of a friend
You were taken
By Your own free will
Rejected and disowned
By those You came to heal
Stripped of Your clothes
You were mocked
You were beaten
Made a King of fools
A crown of sorrow
Driven deep into Your brow
Yet You made no sound

Post C

What You went through to love me
I’ll never understand
What blows my mind away is
You love me as I am

Verso 2

They called for Barabbas
A King for a thief
Parading Your kindness
Like rags through the streets

Coro 2

Draped with the weight of the world
On Your shoulders
As You climbed that hill
A burden far too great
For flesh and bone to bear
You stretched out Your arms
As You welcomed those Roman nails
Your body frail
The very hands that shaped the world
Hung up to bleed
Lifted on high crucified
Him who knew no sin
The Nazarene the Son of Man
The Lamb of God
Given to die

Post C

What You went through to love me
I’ll never understand
What blows my mind away is
You love me as I am


Precious Redeemer
Lamb that was slain
Hope for the hopeless
Lifter of shame
Friend to the sinner
Grace to my soul
Death is defeated
Now my sin is gone
And I’m blown away


Yeah I’m blown away

Coro 3

Crushed by the weight of the world
That You came to save
You took my place
Your blood as rivers flowing
Freely to the ground
Yielding Your spirit
You let out a Holy cry
As You gave Your life
Oh Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani
Oh my Jesus Christ

Post C

What You went through to love me
I’ll never understand
What blows my mind away is
You’d do it all again


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