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In 1978, Dominick Shaw was born into a bi-racial family in Atlanta, Georgia. Despite the heavy racism during this time, his parents were able to shield him from experiencing the total devastation of this by openly showing great love towards one other. Despite his father being black and his mother being white, he understood that love was a matter of the heart and not a matter of the skin. Although he was very aware of the surrounding racism and hatred, he held on to the fact that the blood of Jesus was red and those that accepted Jesus into their lives were covered by that same blood and looked the same.

As a child, Dominick would often get on the piano and his father would reach over his shoulders, place his fingers on the proper keys, and sing worship songs to God. Every now and then, his mom would join in and the entire family would have a concert right in their living room. Through high school and college, Dominick continued expanding his gift and love for music. In 1997, Dominick received a full-scholarship to play football in college as a quarterback. Two years into being in college, his father started a ministry called Faith & Power Worship Center, and when Dominick would come home, he would lead the praise and worship. When he was at school, the temptations of the world were constantly pulling him away from his passion for music as well as his desire to live holy before the Lord. During the summer before his junior year, the right side of Dominick’s body went numb. The doctors would conclude that he had the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.).

Not being able to think clearly or walk correctly, it was obvious that his football scholarship would be taken away if something didn’t change quickly. After discovering that these symptoms were related to M.S., this became a wake-up call for Dominick. He fell to his knees and re-dedicated his life to the Lord. He told the Lord that if He would heal his body, he would passionately worship Him forever. After removing several things from his life that had been holding him back, the Lord directed Dominick to lead praise and worship during a mid-week service. Despite the inability to move and function like he would normally be able to, Dominick now understood what it was to truly offer God a sacrifice of praise. During worship, the presence of the Lord filled the sanctuary and Dominick was miraculously touched by the hand of the Lord. He received back strength in his arms and legs, his eyes and mind became clear again. This miracle sparked a fresh passion to worship the Lord and lead others into that same presence where his healing took place. 2 Tim. 1:7 (God has not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind).

He realized that he had gone through all of this, not to be destroyed, but to be molded and shaped and to be acquainted with the pain that many people deal with daily. This situation was not for his destruction, but for his construction. This experience has changed his life and has made him sensitive to where people are. He has a passion for leading them into an atmosphere of God’s presence, where healing, signs and wonders take place every time.

He believes that worship has the power to change. He desires to share this powerful news with anyone who will listen and has been invited to numerous places all over the world to release an impartation in that land.

In October 2015, Dominick did his first LIVE recording project called “Shine,” which is being prepared to be released in May 2016. This album title and focus was birthed during a trip he took to Malaga, Spain, where he had the opportunity to be with leaders from over 14 different countries in Western Europe. During this time, God showed him how He loves every nation, and desires every person to know his presence and power. The Lord used him to release a fresh anointing into these leaders and send them back to their homeland empowered and inspired. Songs that were recorded for this album include: Unstoppable, Free, Shine, Reign, Victor’s Crown, Home and Healed.

He loves being with his first ministry…his family: Diana, his beautiful wife of 14 years and his 4 wonderful daughters, Victoria Grace, Gabriela Faith, Isabela Joy and Juliana Love. Yes...4 daughters! The Lord told him this came because of his diligent prayers as a young, single man...”Lord, please surround me with women!”

Dominick is active in his community and serves as the Ambassador of Worship at Faith & Power Worship Center, where his father, Matthew J. Shaw is the Senior Pastor. He has also established Worship Under The Stars, LLC, where many musical guests come together and worship the Lord in an unlimited outdoor environment. Many lives have come to Christ through these events.

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