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Outbreakband is a German worship band, founded in 2007. The band was created as a result of various youth events at Glaubenszentrum Bad Gandersheim. It originates its name from the annual youth day "Outbreak."

Outbreakband plays own Worship Nights, various conferences and also festivals, touring in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands and in April 2014 also in Paraguay. From 2010-2015 Outbreakband played the annual Teenstreet Youth Conference.
In 2012 they won at the David Awards for "Artist of the year“.
"EINS“ is Outbreakband’s 10th album incl. an English album recorded at Teenstreet, an english ep and two remix albums.
Core of the vision is to establish Jesus-focused worship in the german-speaking realm. Outbreakband’s heart beats for Jesus and people. And the tool to make this heartbeat seen is music. Like Jesus, who has been a mediator between God and the people it is Outbreakband’s utmost concern to create an encounter between man and God.

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