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AJ Signature Kit

Aaron Johnson

Drum Samples
31.74 MB
Drum Samples
Drum Samples are one-shot recordings of drums which have been mixed and processed ready for you. Your download includes individual WAV files which can be loaded into any supporting software or hardware.

    Más de Aaron Johnson

    A beautiful collection of samples from Aaron Johnson’s Ludwig Classic Maple studio kit.

    Whether you are looking for samples for your studio project or as live sound replacement and enhancement, these acoustic drum samples are ready to use and will quickly bring a professional foundation to your track or live sound!

    This kit, captured in this studio, has been featured on many of the River Valley Worship albums as well as on projects from artists, churches and commercials all around the U.S.

    With multiple mix options included, the possibilities are wide open to create the sound you need for your project.


    What's Included

    - 60 WAV files
    - Ludwig Classic Maple Kit
        22 x 16 Kick
        14 x 6.5 Supraphonic Snare
        12 x 9 Rack
        14 x 14 Floor
        16 x 16 Floor
    - 3 velocities for each drum
    - 4 Mixes of each drum, tuning and capture style. 
        DRY - close mics
        NATURAL - close mics plus overheads
        ROOMS - Stereo rooms only
        BIG - mix of all the above

      Drum Demo with Samples

        Drum Demo without Samples

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