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BackBeat Snare Collection

Aaron Johnson

Drum Samples
122.62 MB
Drum Samples
Drum Samples are one-shot recordings of drums which have been mixed and processed ready for you. Your download includes individual WAV files which can be loaded into any supporting software or hardware.

    Más de Aaron Johnson

    A library of 4 Classic Ludwig Snare drums carefully tuned and recorded by Aaron Johnson in his studio using boutique Manley mic pre’s and high quality microphones.

    4 Snares • 3 Tunings • 4 Mic Mixes

    This pack is filled with enough snare tones to cover any genre and application needed and will bring inspiration and creativity to any project. Multi-sampled, mixed and ready to use, these are the snare drums that every drummer/producer wants in their collection.


    What's Included

    - 280+ WAV files
    - 4 Classic Ludwig Snare Drums: (6.5 x 14 Supraphonic, 6.5 x 14 Black Beauty, 6.5 x 14 Copperphonic, 6.5 x 4 Raw Brass)
    - 3 separate tunings on each drum (High, Medium, Low)
    - “Open” (no muffling) and "Dead" (muted tones) for each drum and each tuning.
    - 3 velocities in each drum, tuning and capture style
    - 4 Mixes of each drum, tuning and capture style. 

    • DRY - close mics
    • NATURAL - close mics plus overheads
    • ROOMS - Stereo rooms only
    • BIG - close mics, overheads, room mic
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